Hydraulic Machines (presses)

Hydraulic Machines (presses)


We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of made-to-order hydraulic presses. Our services extend to include complete installation of press leading to commencement of operations.

Following is our product range of presses:

  • Hydraulic Baling Press (capacity 15 tons to 400 tons)
  • Cotton Waste Baling Press (capacity 15 tons to 200 tons)
  • Woven Sack Bag Baling Press (capacity 15 tons to 400 tons)
  • Compression Molding Press (for SMC / DMC / FRP / automobile and molding)
  • Paper Waste Baling Press
  • H Frame Hydraulic Press (for railway workshops, submersible industry etc.)
  • Pet Bottles Baling Press (for crushing of the pet bottles, baling of molded
  • Carton Baling Press
  • Fitting Press – Workshop (widely used for bearing fitting)
  • C Frame Hydraulic Press (punch type and table type)

Major scope of applications of our hydraulic presses:

  • Textile Industry
  • Garment Industry
  • Agriculture Segment
  • Jute Industry
  • Paddy Industry
  • Recycling Industry
  • Automobile Industry
  • Railway Workshops
  • Rubber Industry
  • Reinforced Plastic Roof Industry
  • Metal Processing Industry
  • Bearing Industry